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Community Updates and Reminders

As you are already aware gate codes have been mailed out to all owners in Oak Valley II. If you did not receive one or are not in the call box you will need to be added into the call box in order to receive a individual gate code. As a courtesy, we have extended the shared codes which will expire on 7/23/21. Please make sure you have either received your individual gate code or you have a gate remote to enter into the community. We will not extend the old codes after that date. If you have a renter at your home, you will need to provide them with this information. If you did not fill a form out that was sent back in August 2020 to be added into the call box, you will need fill this out prior to receiving a gate code.

As many of you may have noticed, there have been signs posted at the Linksman entrance from the City. Beginning July 19, 2021 the Linksman entrance will be closed for approximately 2 weeks by the City. The City needs to access a main water line that is located under the street on Linksman. This entrance will not be open and owners will need to use the Birdie entrance or can use the Apron gate. Because of this inconvenience that will be out of our control, we will be leaving the Apron gate open for cars to enter and exit so Biride does not get backed up.

A few reminders that may have been forgotten regarding pets and motorized vehicles. Pets must remain on a leash at all times when in the common area. Owners must also pick up after their pets. There are several doggie stations located throughout both park areas. It has been witnessed that owners allowing their dogs to relieve themselves in the park areas without picking up after their mess. There is not a vendor who cleans the mess it is again the pet owners responsibility. Please keep the community clean by doing your part and picking up after your pets mess.

It has also been brought to managements attention that golf carts are driving on the sidewalks in the lake area. Several people walk this area and have the right away. There should be no motorized vehicles on the sidewalks or in park areas at all. This is prohibited. There should also be no off road vehicle riding within any private lot, common areas, open space or public or private streets within the community.

Gate Codes

Please watch for your new individual gate code to arrive in the mail. This code is assigned specifically to your home only. A letter was previously mailed informing all owners of this change and what to expect. Please contact management if there are any questions.

Pick Up After Your Pet

As a reminder, all owners must pick up after their pet. There are several doggie stations located throughout the park areas with trash bins. There are several instances this is not happening and owners are allowing their pets to go into other owners yards without cleaning it up. It is in the Rules and Regulations and CC&R’s that you must clean up after your pet. It is clearly the responsibility of the pet owner and abiding by the pet rules in the community will not only promote a better relationship amongst neighbors, but protect the health and safety of the animal and reduce fecal matter run off into our storm drains and our lake. Fecal coliform bacteria occurs in the lake as a result of the overflow of domestic sewage or runoff sources of animal waste. Please be a good neighbor! You can make a difference.

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