Pet Reminders and Pest Issues

Posted By on October 23, 2020

There are a few reminders I would like to share with everyone. It seems there has been several issues with pets and pests. Please remember to be courteous to your neighbors home and the common area of the community. Please make sure you are not letting your animal roam into neighboring yards. Below are reminders that need to be taken serious as these are in the CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations:

Barking Dogs –  In a continuing effort to improve the quality of people’s lives, the Board and management would like to request the help of all dog owners. Even the best dogs can bark now and again and the Association frequently receives complaints about barking dogs. Please take steps to reduce and/or eliminate that barking. There are a number of products on the market today, which can assist you in resolving barking dog issues. Please review options with your pet care professional or local pet store. For those of you who wish to report barking dogs, those complaints can be made directly to Animal Control.

Pet Owner Responsibilities – With all of the demands on your time, it is sometimes hard to focus on courtesies regarding pet ownership. Unfortunately, it also creates more stress for your neighbors when they have to deal with dog nuisances such as barking, loose dogs, cats roaming the neighborhood, and feces being left on their property. These are clearly the responsibility of the pet owner and abiding by the pet rules in the community will not only promote a better relationship amongst neighbors, but protect the health and safety of the animal and reduce fecal matter run off into our storm drains and our lake. Fecal coliform bacteria occurs in the lake as a result of the overflow of domestic sewage or runoff sources of animal waste. Please be a good neighbor! You can make a difference.

Leash you Pet – All animals must be on a leash whenever walking the community common areas, lake area and even your front yard. This not only protects you, it protects your pet and other people including children that may be using the common areas as well. Animals all react differently when in new areas or around new people, sometimes this is not always a positive reaction and could create a situation that could have been avoided if the pet was kept on a leash. Keep your neighbors safe by leashing up your pet.

Pest Control at your Home – Increased sighting of rats, skunks, opossum and raccoons have been seen throughout the county. Although the animals themselves are not posing problems, it is important to remember that such wild animals have the potential to transmit serious diseases to humans and pets. These small animals “come to town” to access food found in pet dishes, bird feeders, ripe fruit and garbage. Because of the easy access, the animals return many times to eat. The bottom line is that easy food access yields increased population.To reduce the threat of such diseases as rabies and certain parasites, it is important to reduce or eliminate foods left outdoors and conditions that provide shelter for wild animals (i.e. overgrown vegetation, refuse, firewood piles and debris). Take time to look at your front yard, rear yard and even side yard. Do you have overgrown trees, bushes etc. it may be time to do some fall yard work and trim away an excess growth to keep these critters away.


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