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Slurry Seal and Stripe Upper Streets

NPG has been hired to complete the seal coat and stripe on the following streets: Birdie, Amateur (upper part), Hosel, Bowker Play, Divot, Gallery (upper part), Wedges, Deuce, Zillion and Mulligan.

Please note that water needs to be shut off 48 hours prior to the seal coat project and needs to stay off 48 hours after the street is opened. Any water that goes onto the street prior and during the seal coat will cause the seal not to properly adhere to the asphalt for which you may be held financially responsible for repairing.

The schedule will be as follows:

Sweep Community:        Tuesday 9/22/20

                Post Notices (Ph 1 & 2): Friday 9/25/20

                Phase 1, Seal & Stripe:   Monday 9/28/20

                Phase 2, Seal & Stripe:   Tuesday 9/29/20

                Post Notices (Ph 3 & 4): Friday 10/2/20

                Phase 3, Seal & Stripe:   Monday 10/5/20

                Phase 4, Seal & Stripe:   Tuesday 10/6/20

Work Hours:                     7:00am to 5:00pm

Schedule above is weather permitting. Please make sure all work areas are clear from vehicles, pallets, etc., before the crew arrives. 

and maps will be posted on your garages prior to your street being worked on. Please contact management should you have any questions. 

Linksman Gate

The Linksman gate is open until the phone system can be installed without any issues. During this time the pedestrian gates at this location will not be working as they are linked to the phone system as well. We are working on getting the issues at this entrance resolved as quickly as possible.

Gate/Remote Updates

The Birdie gate is up and running. Your gate remotes should now work at this gate. Please note that there are remotes that are still currently being programmed by the gate vendor. If you remote does not work at this gate, please contact me so I can look into your remote.

The Linksman gate is still being worked on at this time. The gate vendor will be out on Wednesday to finish the installation process here. At this time, the pedestrian gates will be worked on as well.

As always, thank you for your patience during this time. It is greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Gate/Remote Updates

The Linksman Gate and Birdie Gate remain open at this time until the phone system installation can be completed. Once the installation is complete, all gate remotes should work for all owners.

The phone installation process should be completed on Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

Gate Updates/Phone System Updates

On Tuesday, August 18, 2020, Precision Garage Door and Gates will be onsite installing the new phone systems at the Linksman entrance and the Biride entrance. Please be mindful and courteous when driving in and out of the gates while the work is being done.

The above ground spikes will be installed during this time as well. The above grounds spikes are being installed at Linksman and Birdie. There have been several cars going driving in through the exit gate which is unacceptable. Please note any damages done to the gate or vehicle will be the owners responsibility for the cost of repair, not the Association.

The pedestrian gate fob readers will be replaced on Tuesday. The only fob reader currently working is the Birdie entrance pedestrian gate.

The Linksman phone system keypad is currently not working. The gate still works. It is recommend that all owners use the Birdie entrance if you currently do not have a working gate remote. If you do have a gate remote that is currently working the Linskman gate is not broke and you can use your remote to enter. The keypad is frozen and not working. This system is being replaced Tuesday as mentioned above.

Beginning Tuesday, there should be no issues with the phone system or being able to enter the community. All remotes are being worked on to be re-programmed to the new phone system.

We appreciate your patience and understanding of the above issues.

Should you have any questions on any of the above items, please contact

New Landscape Services

As you may have noticed the landscaping has not been properly up kept for the past few months. The Board of Directors and management are well aware of the current issues throughout the community.

I am pleased to share with you that the Board of Directors, have approved to move forward with a new landscape company. This has been a topic that has been discussed at several Board meetings leading up to now.

Beginning, August 9, 2020, Oak Valley II is welcoming Brightview Landscape Services. They will begin servicing the community.

The Board of Directors and management have been working closely with Brightview to ensure they begin working on all the troubled areas within the community. Brightview has made several trips to the community to get an idea of what the community needs to get it looking beautiful again.

Should you have any questions regarding this change, please contact

Gate Reprogramming

Gate Remotes and Phone Systems

There are several members waiting on a new gate remote or re programming of a gate remote. At this time the phone system at each gate is not registering when trying to program or re program a gate remote. The system is obsolete and new systems need to be installed. We are working as quickly as we can to get pricing on new phone systems to get them installed as soon as possible so we can program remotes for all the residents who are waiting patiently. I know how much of an inconvenience this has caused. Please know that we are working as quickly as possible to have this resolved.

Playgrounds and Lakes

As a reminder, the playgrounds, basketball court and swings are to remain closed. These have not reopened. There have been multiple people removing the caution tape from these areas. This is not allowed.

The lake is not for swimming. Anyone caught swimming in the lake is in direct violation of the Rules and Regulations. The lake is not maintained for swimming.

Do not feed the ducks. Feeding Waterfowl is a misdemeanor in California.

Linksman Gate

Management is aware of the Linksman gate being stuck open. Please note that this is open due to a person who does not reside in the community but uses the lower park to practice sports. They manually unlock the gate to get it stuck open. This is not allowed. Management is encouraging any resident who sees them come in and is in the lower park to contact the PD to have them escorted out. The local law enforcement will get there quicker than patrol. You can also contact patrol at 714-801-4385 to see if they are on-site to address the issue as well.

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